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SafeLink: Fast and intuitive security management in the palm of your hand.

The patented SafeLink is a user-friendly, hand-held programmer that helps you easily manage the electronic safes installed in your facility. With SafeDecisions and the SafeLink, rest assured that you’re not only safeguarding your guests’ valuables, you’re also protecting your integrity. Only designated personnel have access to the device, and each user is immediately identified through an individual password. The SafeLink can generate a detailed report of the last 100 safe events, pinpointing the exact time and date when the safe was opened and closed.

SafeLink Audit Trail

  • Prints out a detailed audit trail report of the last 100 safe events, pinpointing the exact time and date when the safe was opened and closed.
  • Lists who serviced the safe, at what time, and which operations were performed. This operation can be performed inside the guestroom with the guest present to avoid any suspicion of tampering or alteration.
  • Utilizes wireless technology for communicating to the printer, eliminating multiple cords and wires.

Provides your facility with the ultimate in security and accountability

  • Operates with SafeDecisions products to help you manage the safes installed in your facility.
  • Identifies all authorized users by name via individual passwords.
  • Allows electronic overrides to open a locked safe without complicated procedures or special equipment.
  • Works with the safes installed in your facility only, so there’s no chance of fraudulent use by units from other facilities.

Easy To Use

  • Easily guides you through initial set up and programming of options.
  • Helps you manage and maintain your safes using easy-to-understand icons and touch-screen Windows® Pocket PC software.
  • Lets you perform service openings, print and read audit trails and reprogram software options in no time at all.

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Safelinks are normally purchased by facilities that have a large number of safes installed. If you are interested in purchasing a Safelink or are unsure whether your facility would benefit from owning a Safelink, please contact us at 800-723-3332 option 5.

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