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Safe Decisions Products

Sentinel Safe SD41

Outside H / W/ D (inches): 7 - 7/8” H x 17” W x 16 - 1/2” D
Inside H / W/ D (inches): 7 - 3/4” H x 16 - 7/8” W x 12” D
Internal Volume: 1 cubic foot
Weight: 30.6 lb
Security Rating: UL 1037
Color: Black with gray accents

(!) Purchase this product and get a free Fire Resistant Pouch ($40.00 value)

Price $499.00

Pedestal PED15
Your safe can be installed in almost any place in your home. You can install directly to a shelf or you can use our patented pedestal. The safe fastens to the pedestal which bolts directly to the floor. Not only will the safe be virtually impossible to remove, but the pedestal lifts the safe off the floor, making it more convenient for you.

Price $55.00

Fire Resistant Pouch
Everyone has documents that warrant extra protection; passports, birth certificates, social security cards. To be on the safe side, SafeDecisions offers a custom designed fire-resistant document pouch for use in the Elsafe. In an independent laboratory test, our document pouch was engulfed in flames at a temperature of 1600ºF and 100% of the contents survived. While the paper was slightly charred on the edges, it remained completely legible.

Price $40.00

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