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SafeDecisions Press Releases

Teaming up with The Ad Store

SafeDecisions locks in a deal with The Ad Store.

New York, NY– The Ad Store in New York City is launching a new 2006 campaign for SafeDecisions, the Elsafe distributor. The goal is to make SafeDecisions the premier choice for personal safes in the college community and a household name in residences across the country. The marketing campaign will extend all across the university landscape - including traditional print advertising in major university trade publications and non-traditional promotional events, sponsorships and competitions on university campuses. The effort will constantly raise awareness amongst college students until SafeDecisions’ Sentinel Safe is as commonplace in residential housing as a desk or chair. "It seems that most students using the safes aren’t that concerned with theft. They just love having a safe place for stuff they don't want to lose,” said Herb Zucker, a principal of SafeDecisions. “It could be anything from a passport to a term paper or even an important phone number. And then of course they're using it for their iPods and laptops, but why wouldn't they?" SafeDecisions L.P. is the exclusive distributor of Elsafe products, like the electronic Sentinel Safe, to residential, healthcare, educational, and retail markets in North America. “This is a great opportunity for us to work on a product that we believe there is a huge untapped need for," said Brian Flatow, Senior Vice President of The Ad Store. “SafeDecisions is a pioneer and we are excited about partnering with such a forward thinking brand.” Founded in 1993 by Paul Cappelli, The Ad Store has remained independent and continues to produce award-winning campaigns for its clients. Now celebrating its 13th anniversary, The Ad Store has eight affiliate offices around the world. The Ad Store’s other clients include JetBlue Airways, Loews Cineplex Entertainment, Zappos.com, Top of the Rock/Rockefeller Center, Papyrus, EL AL Airlines and Apple Core Hotels. ****** Contact: Brian Flatow 212.685.8899 brian@adstore.com

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